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PMenzies says:

Having spent many months trying to find a match in our availability to organise a suitable time for a booking, Aaliyah let me know she intended to tour Sydney in early/mid June and the planning took on serious intent.

During our attempts to find a suitable time, we had talked about various options for a booking that would be a little bit different to a standard lunch/dinner, such as a gym workout as an example. Once the date had been fixed and a few messages exchanged - a plan of attack for the day was agreed. I had suggested an extended lunch date and as a result of our planning it encouraged Aaliyah to create her "A day to remember - Daytime Date" package.

It has been interesting to note on twitter a number of ladies detailing that they have been asked to commence their booking dressed in "work out" or "gym" attire. That was certainly the instruction to Aaliyah for our booking and I was intrigued to see what that would entail as having met her twice at social function Aaliyah always dressed impeccably to the nines!

Arriving to pick her up at 9:00am (yes Aaliyah - life does begin before midday), Aaliyah was indeed dressed ready for her day - tights, comfortable t-shirt and warm jacket - all black. Then it was off to Bondi Beach for breakfast.

Wandering along the main street we found a little cafe that met our dietary desires. Suffice to say sharing breakfast, coffee and great conversation with a beautiful blonde bombshell is an amazing way to start any day. A confession too - as a result I now have a newfound respect for coconut yogurt. An acai smoothie to finish breakfast and then it was off to experience the Bondi to Bronte walk.

Again, the depth of knowledge across many subjects as we continued our conversation while we walked was mentally stimulating. The views of the coast while walking the cliff tops was visually stimulating, as was climbing many sets of steep steps directly behind the delectable Ms Dell'Aqua's curvaceous derrière. Reaching Bronte we took the opportunity to sit and rest on a rock while continuing to chat - before it was time to head back to Aaliyah's place.

On arriving it was time to freshen up and after showering I was greeted by Aaliyah who had changed into a stunning lingerie set that emphasised her soft generous breasts and toned booty - it was a pleasure to slowly remove her bra and panties that, to be totally honest, were clearly struggling to fulfill their expected responsibilites.

Those who have met Aaliyah will know that her energy and bubbly personality are genuine. A stunningly attractive woman that looks exactly as her many photos portray - long blonde hair, perfect skin, beautiful eyes, a body with curves that seem endless and in the right places, and a smile that would stop traffic.

What followed were hours of fun and intimacy. Aaliyah took me away from my day to day life into her world of sensuality and sexuality. Kissing, caressing, talking, laughing, loving - Aaliyah is the total package gift wrapped to perfection.

Having your insatiable thirst unquestionably quenched by an equally insatiable Dell'Aqua is one of the most memorable and fulfilling experiences a mere mortal such as I could imagine.

A "day to remember" it certainly was.

Would I recommend - OMG do yourself a favour - YES.

Monsta says:

My first booking with Aaliyah was last year, I didn't review that one but figured this return visit should probably be shared.

Making the booking was very easy, when she said she was touring Adelaide, I made contact and booked an evening.

Come the booking time I met her at the hotel she was staying at, I handed over my little gifts (a couple of jars of my home made jam) and we spent a bit of time catching up over a glass of wine. From there we went out to dinner which was great. Aaliyah is a fantastic dinner companion, she loves a chat and can talk intelligently on a wide variety of topics. We chatted like friends catching up after being apart for a while.

After dinner it was back to her place for the main event. I keep saying I am quite vanilla but she went out of her way to prove that there is more flavour to my play than just vanilla. She encourages when needed, instructs and leads when it is time to make things a little more spicy and happy to go with the flow when things are running smoothly. There was a bit of toy play, various positions (one new one for me), a bit of making me do what she wanted to make sure it wasn't all one way traffic and of course making sure I got plenty of what I wanted. All in all, it was a hugely fun session that left me quite exhausted and literally panting for breath.

It was then a lovely touch finishing of with a bath for two with some fancy sort of bath bomb.

It isn't often a session makes me want to miss the next day's gym session but that one certainly did.

All in all, a most enjoyable booking that probably needs a follow up booking at some stage.

Yasura says:

I was staying in Melbourne overnight for work a few weeks ago and being alone I decided to login to the Punter Planet website - I've read many reviews before but never decided to actually pull the finger out and go for a punt, whatever it was I decided to message Aaliyah after reading only positive (and mostly glowing) reviews.

She didn't take long to respond and thankfully for me was available later that night on fairly short notice. Given I don't like to rush things I explained that I would like to see her for 2 hours, which wasn't a problem.

She arrived at the agreed time and was dressed in a sexy dress with a thick fur coat (it was pretty bloody cold in Melbourne after all) - not everyone can pull off that combination but she sure did. Aaliyah is a very sexy young lady with nice curves in all the right places and stunning fair skin and big blue doe eyes (evidence of her Swedish heritage) - definitely ticked all my boxes!

After getting the formalities over with, Aaliyah popped into the bathroom briefly. When Aaliyah came out of the bathroom she was dressed in some hot silky lingerie - the black lingerie contrasted so nicely with her beautiful porcelain white skin (a real turn on).

I couldn't get enough of this bombshell... it was a real turn on seeing her natural climax (no over the top theatrics!).

I love to give full body massages (I'm not trained by any means but enjoy the intimacy of it) so then offered one to her which Aaliyah gladly accepted. After oiling her up and getting to rub her all over we agreed that we should have a bubble bath together - she knew my hotel had nice baths she had actually brought some bubble bath mixture with her.

She is a very genuine person and great conversationalist.

Note, Aaliyah is not a clock watcher and I never felt things were going by a timetable or that she was rushing things. It helps when you feel like the other person is engaged in having a good time as much as you are. That's my ideal experience...I would wholeheartedly recommend Aaliyah to anyone looking for an amazing time with a sexy young girl who knows how to really pleasure a man while at the same time keeping things fun and interesting. An amazing first time with one of Melbourne’s best private girls.

Zenion01 says:

So this encounter was a long time coming. Having initially made a booking a couple of months earlier, sickness on my part made us postpone.

August rolled around and I decided I needed to meet the "Marilyn Monroe" of our time. And so we tried again and the stars aligned.

On opening the door first impressions are Wow!!! She looks beautiful. Much prettier than her photos. I immediately noticed a couple of her top buttons undone. Rest assured they will get your attention. And that set the tone of the meeting. Cheeky, sexy fun with a lovely lady who will blow your socks off.

After the session it was not easy leaving but it definitely left me lighter, in more ways than one. Thoroughly spent and satisfied.

SkiPurple says:

Had the pleasure of spending time with Aaliyah. Booked her a few weeks in advance.

This lady is so impressive with her bubbly firecracker personality there is never a dull second seeing her. To me having a friendly nature is important to be me, one of the best gfe you could ever wish for.

Nothing could stop me from seeing Aaliyah that night pouring rain Melbourne traffic at its worst. The day arrives & SMS to confirm time, and on first sight wow she looked gorgeous wearing black skirt jacket heels looked like she was dressed to go to a wedding or up market restaurant. I wish we were.

Aaliyah asked me to bring marshmallows which wasn't a problem. I arrived and Aaliyah said hot chocolate time so I gave her marshmallows.

Lots of stories and touching I let Aaliyah be in control she was doing too good a job for me to interfere. The time came to do a bit of exploring of her lovely body and run my hands over her body, I also told her a bit about myself. I realised she was in control not in a domineering way but in her gentle way.

I found it hard to thank her enough for her company I SMS her twice to say thanks to such a stunning beautiful lady on the inside & out. I highly recommend this lady she is a ton of fun.

ULord says:

Door knock proceeded with a greeting kiss, and she's quite a stunner.

On first look, she's quite curvy but in a really good way, I would describe her physique as athletic curvy.

She's really welcoming and makes you feel like you're at home. She does have a very refined sense of fashion/clothing etc... Definitely dresses well to impress. She has really great natural assets the session was also very un-rushed and definitely worth every penny.

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Tim Says:

Wow i was speechless as soon as the door opened i was blinded by the pure seductiveness of this beautiful woman. She made sure i left with a smile that i will walk around with for a good week;) I highly recommend taking the time out to experience an afternoon with her. I will be back that's for sure.

Mr M says:

After a few times missing this blonde beauty whom I’ve been admiring on the Internet for over a year, I was luckily able to meet her this week and my god I am glad I was!

She opened the door and without saying a word, blew me away (not literally, yet)! Her gracious presence is like nothing I’ve ever experienced meeting a lady upon meeting for the first time. Even if you’re not nervous, her comforting energy is so refreshing. If she could bottle up her energy, she’d be the richest Woman in the world.

After the providing her envelope, I was offered some fruit & refreshments, how hospitable I thought.

Once in her cosy candlelight room, the long awaited dreams of being “Deep in Dell’Aqua” began. Her sexual techniques are even something to be reckoned with, I will be sure to fly her up for an overnight ASAP. From holding stimulating conversation over many topics, the sexy parts to the comforting way she held me afterwards, a hour feels like 5 minutes as I didn’t wish to leave her.

I had more time than my hour lunch break, but now I have a reason to get her back upstate as I know she does not tour often at all.

Do yourselves a favour, readers and put Ms A at the top of your priorities.

Thank you Aaliyah, you are a phenomenal Woman, inside & out.

Kevin says:

I feel it is time for me to write about Aaliyah now, as i have had the priveledge of her company on numerous occasions.

Every time i see her it is like coming back to see a long lost lover, a Woman i am immediately comfortable in the presence. Which says alot as i am very shy in my daily life. Even when we first met mid 2016, she managed to get me out of my shell within the first few hours (in the past it has taken a few dates with a lady to be even close to how comfortable i am around her).

She has wisdom beyond her 20 something years and while she can hold a stimulating conversation about almost any topic, she is also kind and understanding. I feel that i can tell her anything withour fear of judgement. She also has a great sense of humour, so you will find her smiling much more than her stunning photos. While her photographs are really beautiful, they don't do justice to the bombshell in person. Seeing is believing, she really is a gift and i am glad she chose to share that with lucky gentlemen who get to share time with her like me.

Conversation always flows simply, i have never felt like i need to "try". And even when i am feeling down, Aaliyah puts me in a state of mind that nothing and nobody else matters in our time, whether that be an ambient dinner date or an overnight of heaven. There are never any awkward moments or times of silence with her lovely nature.

Every time we meet feels like our first date. Always breathtaking (literally) and most satisfying. There is often new experiences that come about. I am thrilled that Aaliyah is helping me explore my hidden sexual desires.

I will not go into explicit detail as that is not my nature and out of due respect for this wonderful lady. She is someone who you must see if the opportunity is there for you.

Mysterious Texter says:

Other than the fact that I emailed the lovely Aaliyah the wrong phone number by mistake and found out via email that she has sent a txt to arrange a time to the wrong number, the communication during the booking process was top notch and the evening was terrific from start to finish.

With her bubbly personality and over the moon sense of humor this Swedish gem has made everything hassle free and enjoyable.

Thank you Aaliyah.

J says:

Aaliyah took me to a different world in her recent trip to Sydney. I wish I could write more, because I know she'll be reading this at some point. Gents, all I can say is that she will teach you a thing or two, no matter how experienced you think you are.

She is very open and communicative, and enjoys what she is doing (or at least it seemed that way). Showed me and allowed me to do things I didn't think were possible. Looking forward to round 2...

MF says:

I have seen Aaliyah a few times now so this time we decided to try a new experience so we went for the dream kinky girlfriend experience. And boy, she didn't disappoint.

When she answered the door my jaw dropped as I saw what she was wearing. Definately a wow factor.

As we tried new things she made sure she led me through it and making sure we were comfortable with what we doing. I won't go I to detail but I enjoyed everything about (I always enjoy time with her) It was certainly something I will never forget.

Aaliyah is a generally awesome person and after leaving I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. The cakes we ate together from her birthday were an added bonus.

Will says:

I have lived a relatively sheltered sex life....only being intimate with the few girlfriends I have had in my earlier years. So for me personally, I have to enjoy spending time with the person and not just their body. Consequently I was quite nervous about seeing a high class courtesan which was exacerbated by the fact that I tend to over analyse and think too much!

Anyway, Aaliyah does know how to put a person at ease, and just seems comfortable with people - she is a fantastic conversationalist and we had a lot of things in common to chat about. Aaliyah has loads of self-confidence, and her communication is first class.

On reflection, for Aaliyah, I think it is all about "The Journey". The Journey started with our emails - she was interested in knowing me and what I was looking to get out of the experience - I was so impressed the way she put her thinking cap on and started planning our time together 3 days before our appointment...choosing the strawberries and selecting where to buy the tasty treats for our afternoon tea together.

A lot of our afternoon is a blur, but I do get flashes of memories.....Aaliyah's flawless milky smooth skin gliding beneath my fingers as I gave her a massage, the wonderful curves of her body, and her natural soft gorgeous assets.. it was a true girlfriend experience. Aaliyah is a true courtesan who will tempt, tantalise, seduce and satisfy you.... not because you pay her to, but because she likes and wants to!

We lay naked for the remainder chatting until I realised 3 hrs was up. I could not believe how quickly it went and told Aaliyah, "I don't want to go!!” To which Aaliyah casually responded, "well you don't have to go... not yet anyway.......” I knew I didn't have any more energy, but I also knew I had not yet reached the end of "My Journey" with Aaliyah (Aaliyah the person and not the body) - Aaliyah's company is intoxicating! So I extended with her for. She is a fantastic conversationalist, and oozes sexuality. She's incredibly funny and smart (completing her university studies).

The whole afternoon was amazing, sociable, erotic, relaxing and most of all fun. Aaliyah is classy, attractive and most importantly for me, a fun person to be with. Would I see Aaliyah again? You betcha!

Matt says:

Before meeting Aaliyah I was nervous and excited, but upon meeting her the nerves quickly went away.

Aaliyah has a warm and welcoming smile and with a even warmer greeting she made me feel right at home.

After partaking in some champagne we headed upstairs to her room were I spend the next 3 or so hours with the beautiful and sensual Aaliyah. And what a 3 hours it was, it was everything I was hoping for passionate, sensual and deeply interment it was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Aaliyah was everything I hoped for and more, beautiful both inside and out, it is very hard to put it all into words you have to spend time Aaliyah to truly appreciate and understand what I mean. Can't wait to see her again.

Davo says:

I met the lovely Aaliyah this evening and was a little apprehensive about what to expect as her photos showed all quite serious poses but her past reviews indicated otherwise.

Aaliyah welcomed me via the intercom quite cheery and was very friendly at the front door with a huge passionate kiss and started laughing from the beginning which put me straight at ease.

She was dressed in tight sexy black lingerie as I had requested and was more elaborately dressed than any woman I had encountered before.

Jana says:

My Husband and I had been mentioning inviting another lady into the bedroom for a long time. I always imagined myself with a classy blonde, and I can assure you that this pretty doll is a natural blonde which is hard to find.

She got to the hotel door and my heart started racing, we had always dreamt about this, when I opened the door to invite her in I just said WOW! Her photos are nice, she is 200% more stunning in person, seeing really is believing. The 3 of us cracked open a bottle of wine to ease the nerves and we shared a flirty chat before I knew it her hand was on my thigh, I could tell my husband was in awe wondering what would be next.

Before I knew it we were all on the bed and my husband was in the middle after our second round and into our third hour, time flies when you're having fun! Nobody was left out at any point, she even brought her stash of toys which was great while hubby could refuel and watch the show. She even tied him to the bed so he wasn't aloud to be released until he was ready for the next round - her dominant side shows but it's more naughty than intimidating.

This was my first bi experience and from the moment I let her in the room I felt comfortable and knew I'd chosen the perfect lady for us.

We have now returned home from our trip to Melbourne and will be contacting her when we are next in town to spend the entire night with us.

ForSure says:

Wow, wow , wow I spent the most enjoyable time with Aaliyah tonight. From the time that she entered the room she had a way that made me feel very relaxed and comfortable in her company.

Her photo's are acurate of her looks and amazing assets that she has, but they do not show how wonderful her personality is. It was not only the conversation and personality that was worth the time with her. She truely gave an experience that I would recommend if you were looking for someone that will carry out what they say and make the time spent one that you will remember.

I can not wait till I next travel to Melbourne to catch up again.