I've recently celebrated my anniversary as a Private Escort, in this time i've analysed what makes our date occur with more ease, flow and passion as well as learned some peeves i have discovered.

I thought I would produce my own guided list on being a modern gentleman client.

Negotiates his way to a booking with ease and doesn't bellow down the phone outside residence

Arrives and leaves discreetly

Can clean his cock and his feet

Is aware that facial hair is sometimes scratchy and thus uncomfortable for a lady - my skin is sensitive, if you have rough stubble do not be surprised if our kissing is more light

Knows when not to ask personal questions (Never, unless he knows me well)

Does not suggest how I might improve MY business

Possesses at least one pair of decent underpants

Avoids grubby old vests and socks that molt all over the floor

Turns his mobile phone to silent or off during the session

Does not arrive carrying a large bag that looks like something suss might be in it

Knows tips are not required, but also that haggling on the rate is not acceptable - i would likely never see you even if you tried this once!

Doesn't tell me his name is one thing then tries to use another when booking again

Is unafraid to say what he requires from a booking - I'm the last person to judge. The less shy you are the more fun we can have

Provides my donation discreetly in an envelope - makes me feel less objectified and more like we are on a steamy date

Arrives at a meeting exactly at the agreed time. Not early, not late

Is good with his hands (and knows when not to grope, my breasts are real = sensitive, be gentle. If i feel pain it's an instant turn off)

Has at least two interesting things to say

Can undo a bra

Looks appreciatively at me

Is not incomprehensible in his requests

Can read a profile and not ask daft questions that my profile already answers

Knows the difference between kissing intimately and slurping

Can provide orgasms

Can prepare for a booking within 5 texts

Avoids speaking to me if he sees me in the street, nod if you must acknowledge me but provide me the discretion you also require

Would not go to the gross brothel up the road

Knows the difference between CIM and COB

Sandals? No. Never

Wears a condom not a look of disdain

Demonstrates that making love is best done within the allotted duration

Knows that I have rules for a reason and he is not the exception